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Get a fresh perspective

As an educator and clinical supervisor Dr. Reihling helps you assess the complex interrelationships between social systems, power relations, masculinities, and people's affective health problems. His collaborative approach encourages you to critically reflect upon your own and other's viewpoints with compassion.

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Learn about Trauma, Masculinity, and Men's Health

Hans Reihling, Ph.D. educates mental health professionals and students about the impact of constrictive gender configurations and provides trainings on how to conduct forensic mental health evaluations for asylum seekers. His lectures and workshops address the link between traumatic stress, affective health, and masculinity assemblages in society. Dr. Reihling believes that mindful awareness is key to the deconstruction of rigid gender identities and the enhancement of wellbeing in relationships.

Clinical Supervision

Be the professional you want to be

Hans Reihling is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California and is in the process of becoming an AAMFT-approved clinical supervisor. He is committed to help you develop your ability to ask critical questions and challenge power relations that often underlie toxic interaction cycles and mental health problems. His innovative approach combines narrative and somatic practices from a systems perspective. Currently, he is offering clinical group supervision for counselor trainees at San Diego State University.

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Selected Past Events

Trauma Loops: Reverse Causality in PTSD

October 22, 2021

UCSD Global Health Conference: A Challenge to Dignity

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