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My mental health assessments and psychological evaluations assist attorneys with establishing credibility at immigration court. In clinical interviews and through testing, I reliably find out if somebody has indeed experienced domestic abuse, torture, or discrimination. My reports are in-depth and include diagnosis, psychosocial history, prognosis, and treatment recommendations. Because of my experience in trauma treatment with survivors of torture and domestic violence, I have excellent credentials to determine the accuracy of a client’s declaration and make a convincing case. My services are for attorneys who want to bolster their case and build evidence in the following areas:

Asylum cases

Hardship waivers

Cancellation of removal waivers

Violence Against Women Act cases

U & T visa cases

Bond affidavits

My services include clinical interview, testing, report writing, and communication with the attorney. I don't work with interns and prepare all reports personally. Upon request, I can support you as an expert witness at court. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Feedback I’ve Received

What attorneys are saying about my work

"Dear Dr. Reihling, I cannot tell you how vital your work was for my client. I know we won't have gotten these results without it."

Demonstrated Expertise

Successfully collaborated with various attorneys through Casa Cornelia Law Center, the International Rescue Committee, Al Otro Lado, Catholic Charities, and more.

Conducted dozens of clinical interviews at Otay Mesa Detention Center and maintains a current security clearance to quickly enter and effectively work in the facility.

Demonstrated the ability to effectively conduct mental health assessments and evaluations in Spanish. Dr. Reihling also has ample experience in working with interpreters.

Knowledge of cultural idioms of distress that may not fit mainstream Western psychiatric diagnosis. Dr. Reihling is familiar with various ethnopsychiatries through anthropological field research in South Africa and Latin America.

Hans Reihling, Ph.D., LMFT

8885 Rio San Diego Drive, #365
San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 663-4267

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